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2020 Digital Marketing Resolutions [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. Use Social Networks That Work

Select the Social Networks your customers are using.  Don’t waste your time or energy on Social Networks that your targeted demographic isn’t using.  Market smart in 2020.

  1. Be Consistent

If you plan to use Social Media, emails, blogs to market your business, make sure you do it consistently.  Post to Social accounts daily (at minimum), send emails weekly every week or monthly every month, if you plan to write blog updates make sure you do it on a schedule. Consistency builds trust with your audience.

  1. Listen to Your Audience

Don’t just broadcast your message.  Interact and engage with your audience, share reviews, share questions, respond to comments.  Be “social.”

  1. Brand Your Business

Give your business a consistent look and voice across all platforms.  Make your business easily recognizable by its branding.

  1. Know Your Audience

Understand your target market, the demographics, the location, etc.  This helps to determine the Social sites you use, how you plan to reach your potential customers, as well as what you say.

  1. Stay Ahead of the Competition

With consistent Social and online efforts, you can cut to the front of the line and reach people before your competitors.  Additionally, using targeted pixel advertising on the Social sites that offer this feature will help your business reach your competitors’ audience.

  1. Be Visible

Establish your visibility across all digital media.  Make sure you are optimizing your updates for Search Engines and Voice Search.  Consistent efforts with digital media will ensure your business is visible online.

  1. Provide Customer Service Online

Use your various platforms to provide customer service.  Your customers will reach out to you the way they are comfortable reaching out.  Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Google or your website, make sure you are there to resolve their issues.

  1. Engage with Your Audience

You need to be where your customers are, using the digital media they use.  You need to engage with them the way they choose to be contacted.  If your customers respond most to email, send more emails.  IF your customers are using Instagram, get on Instagram and start commenting and speaking with your customers.

  1. Communicate a Clear Message

Make sure you are communicating information clearly across all digital mediums.  Clear messages will ensure fewer customer issues and better customer reviews.

  1. Be Appropriate

Avoid religion and politics and anything else that will showcase your business in a bad light.

  1. Be Reliable

If your audience is attempting to reach you on Facebook and you respond through Facebook, you need to be there the next time they reach out to you.

  1. Establish Trust and Grow Loyalty

Showing that your business is consistent, reliable, appropriate and communicates clearly will assist with establishing trust and loyalty with your customers.

  1. Advertise Daily

Daily advertising on the Social sites and/or Google will boost your visibility and increase traffic to your website.

  1. Optimize for Voice Search

Voice assistants like Alexa, Google Home, Siri are on the rise.  People are using voice search to find local businesses more and more often.  Make sure your business is optimized for Voice assistant searches.

  1. Track Successes

Keep track of what worked best and what did not work, recalibrate your strategy based on these results.  Don’t waste time or money on things that don’t work.

  1. Measure Results

Monitor the analytics of all your digital efforts, establish a baseline and set goals to improve.

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