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5 Tips to Boost Your Business on Social Media

Large companies have the advantage when it comes to marketing and advertising, a dedicated staff with a large budget helps propel these companies further than the local smaller shops.  However, it does not have to mean your business cannot get some serious exposure online.

Whether you are a local plumber or providing HVAC services, home improvement, etc. leveraging the opportunities with Digital Media can help your business thrive.

Here are 5 tips to get your business more visible online and to generate interest and engagement.

1.    Optimize Updates for your Local Area

It is likely there are several other businesses in your area that do what you do, it becomes important to get to the head of the line when it comes to getting your message out.

Optimizing your updates with your service areas can help to make sure your updates reach beyond just your audience.  82% of mobile device shoppers conduct ‘near me’ searches.

Using “near me”, “in my town”, etc. will optimize your updates for search engines and voice search, as well as people searching the Social platforms (that you are present on) for your services near them.

2.    Create a Blog to Increase Website Traffic

Posting to Social Media is a great way to get in front of an audience, but if you are not leveraging the “click through” potential you are missing out.  Creating a blog on your website will help get people to your site, increasing your website traffic, which in turn helps to improve your search rank.  Over 75% of internet users read blogs regularly.

Additionally, a blog provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your knowledge in your industry.  Developing a level of trust with potential customers.

3.    Post Photos of Unique Jobs

Sharing images of what you do shows people what you do and how you do it, in addition to how well you do what you do.  Post images of your workers completing a job, or of a completed job to your Social accounts.  These images could potentially be shared by your audience to others looking for your services.

4.    Tag Bigger Brands in Your Updates

Build more brand awareness, as well as a relationship, with bigger brands.  Tag your suppliers or partner businesses to increase your visibility.  This benefits both businesses by providing even more brand awareness for each business.  Hopefully, the bigger business (which likely has a bigger audience) will return the favor and tag your business on their sites too.

5.    Be Relatable

Social media is social, people are using it to connect with friends and family, in addition to finding products and services and reading the news.  Do not just post business related information or coupons.  Be a face behind the brand and be sociable, let people know there is a person posting information.

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