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Targeted Advertising

In today's landscape, social media advertising stands out as the most cost-effective option available.  In fact, compared to traditional media, digital advertising is three times more budget-friendly and more effective.

Targeted ads are up to 5.3 times more effective in increasing click-through-rates.

In today's digital landscape, traditional marketing alone falls short in cultivating a loyal, engaged customer base. To thrive, you must engage audiences where they actively participate and tailor your brand messaging to specific segments, effectively reaching a broader consumer base at a cost-efficient rate and yielding superior returns on investment (ROI).

Above all other marketing tactics, targeted digital media advertising stands out as the premier strategy to elevate your brand's visibility and create advantageous avenues for capturing and nurturing leads, ultimately converting them into paying customers.

76% of social media users have purchased something they saw on social media

Precisely Target Your Desired Audience


In today's landscape, social media advertising stands out as the most cost-effective option available. With just $5, you can reach an impressive 1,000 individuals. In fact, compared to traditional media, our social media advertising services are three times more budget-friendly.


​​Unlock the potential of social advertising by specifically targeting your desired audience. We have the expertise to help you connect with people based on the following factors:

  • Demographics: Engage in laser-focused social media campaigns that cater to individuals' interests and online behaviors. Tailor your approach based on specific age groups, locations, income levels, and more!

  • Email Lists: Share your email database with us, and we'll craft custom ads that resonate with your existing leads and customers. Prepare for increased repeat sales and valuable referrals.

  • Website Visitors: Implement retargeting pixels on your website, allowing you to advertise to recent visitors effectively. Keep in mind that only a small percentage of visitors convert during their initial visit. Through strategic remarketing, we'll bolster your conversion rates.

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Our Proven Effective Targeted

Advertising Services Include:

  • Dedicated Ad Manager

  • Daily advertising campaigns

  • Drive more views and encourage clicks through to website

  • Attract qualified leads

  • Target website visitors

  • Target internet users searching for services/products like yours

  • Use of OUR 13 year old algorithm to ensure ads are showing to more people

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At TWP Marketing, our comprehensive digital marketing solutions cover it all.  From content management and outreach to web development and design, we ensure your business goals are not just met but exceeded. Tailored solutions to maximize the value we bring to your business.

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