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TWP Marketing

A division of The Word Pro, Inc.

Est. 1986

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TWP Marketing is a division of The Word Pro.  Founded in 1986, The Word Pro, Inc. has been helping businesses in many different capacities, as the times change.  From word processing medical records, to setting up a manuscript for a PBS documentary about Orson Welles, to posting businesses related information on Facebook, we have done a lot!


TWP Marketing helps businesses of any size in any industry and in any location promote their company online. Our team creates custom updates to post to Social Sites daily, monitors the accounts and manages advertising campaigns, as well as creating interactive and engaging emails, videos, and originally written blogs to help your business achieve its goals.

We have the time and expertise to do it for you, so you can run your business.

Our team provides your business with the strategy needed to win online. Each of our clients receives a dedicated Digital Manager to provide full-service marketing, advertising and management services. We have been building our digital services and expanding our experience and knowledge. We are now experts in the field. We have helped numerous companies in a variety of industries across the country… Now let us help your business!

We have been helping clients with their offline and online marketing since 1996.

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