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7 Strategies to Implement in an Instagram Marketing Plan

4% of followers engage with marketing posts on Instagram.  This is a higher engagement rate than other Social Media platforms.

  1. There are 140 million US users (1 billion users worldwide).

  2. 81% of people use Instagram to research products and services.

  3. 130 million users tap on shopping posts each month.

Instagram also generates leads, allows businesses to reach a new audience, increases business visibility and helps to build brand recognition.

Top 7 Things to Do to Leverage Instagram for Marketing

1.    Set Up a Business Profile

A business account qualifies the account for additional features not fond on personal accounts.  Features like a contact button, ability to publish ads without using Facebook tools, and the ability to track analytics with the Insights tool.

2.    Optimize your Profile

Make a great first impression with a well designed and written profile page.  Use a profile name that fits your business or brand, so it is recognizable.  Make sure the Bio section showcases your products or services with a trackable URL along with a branded hashtag.  Use a high-quality image that represents your products/services or values.

3.    Create a Branded Hashtag

Hashtags are a great way to create engagement.  Customers can post content or share your content with the hashtag to increase visibility.

Choose a hashtag that represents your business positively and is catchy.  The more unique the hashtag is the easier it is for people to use and the easier it is to spread, as well as track.

4.    Post at the Right Time

Posting updates at strategic times is necessary to reach your audience and improve potential engagement with updates.  Schedule your updates to post during the times when the site is most active.  You should monitor your specific Insights to determine the best times to post updates and post at these times for the most success.

5.    Use Influencers

Influencers usually have a large following on Social Media.  Working with an influencer in your industry will help get your products/services in front of this audience.  Positive reviews, comments or sharing of your business information can introduce even more people to what you have to offer.

6.    Interact with Instagram Users

Interacting with users outside of your general audience is a great way to find new followers.  Follow other users, comment or like their updates. Follow your followers back.  Get involved and engaged with others and they will get involved with your business.

7.    Measure Your Success

Tracking relevant analytics is crucial for a successful campaign.  Tracking different metrics will also show you what you need to improve and to see what works so you can continue with that strategy.  Watch your follower growth rate, engagement rates, days and times that are best to showcase important information, etc.

Get Help

Instagram can help your business grow in a new direction.  However, Social Media Marketing takes time and experience to get it done right so that it works.  Let our team at TWP Marketing help your business reach its goals and objectives with Instagram.


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