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Applying Google’s 5 C’s of Media Marketing During Covid-19 to Any Marketing Strategy

Joshua Spanier, Google’s Global Marketing VP for Media, shared how his teams are currently navigating marketing during COVID-19.

“To say it’s a unique time in the world is an understatement. As we all collectively grapple with what this global pandemic means for us — as humans first, but also as professionals — there are often more questions than answers. There is no playbook for times like these, but what I’ve found is that crisis can provide clarity…”

We have applied Spanier’s 5 principles for media marketing and adjusted them to fit any business marketing strategy.

1.    Context

Much of the world has been turned on its head, marketing 2 months ago is vastly different than marketing today.  It is important to recognize that everyone is in the same boat.  We all share the context of this situation.  Recognizing this major change and acknowledging it is important.

Advertising in-store sales, sit-down restaurant offers, etc. are not applicable to audiences in states that are shutdown.

2.    Consider

Consider the rapidly changing landscape that exists.  What was done 2 weeks ago may not work today.  It is important to monitor the current landscape and reassess campaigns and strategies.

“The one constant assumption we have in this situation is that things will change.” (Google)

3.    Creativity

It is also important to reconsider the tone and imagery of your campaigns.  Images reflecting groups of people in a public space, handshakes, offices of people or slapstick humor may not play well with your branding right now.  Understand the situation your audience may be in and adjust your creative elements to fit the tone.

4.    Change

The norms of everyday life have shifted, and your marketing and advertising strategy needs to change as well.  People are using online resources differently.  Shopping habits have changed, Social Media usage has increased, and Social Platforms and online activity may have shifted.  Ad campaigns and marketing strategies that worked 3 months ago may not work today and may require a change of platform to be effective.  Be open to the change and adjust, as necessary.

5.    Contribution

Consider how your business messaging can contribute to the lives of your audience, not just what your products and services can do for them, but information you can share to help people navigate the new world.  Posting references and resources for your local area, sharing information about the CDC guidelines, etc.

Navigating Turbulent Times

We do not know how the world will bounce back, if it will bounce back, but marketing and advertising campaigns need to be fluid and moveable.  It is important to move with the flow as the flow moves.

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