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Content Marketing Matters

Content Marketing, as defined by Oxford Languages,  is marketing that involves creating and sharing a variety of online material, such as videos, blogs, social media updates, images, etc., that doesn’t necessarily promote a product or a business, but it stimulates interest in the products or services.

A Tale as Old as Time

Content Marketing has been around for centuries. “In 1672, Jan van der Heijden and his brother, Nicolaes, improved the fire hose. Until then, rows of people with buckets of water were required for putting out fires. A hose was available, but pumping water wasn’t yet possible, the clever Jan and his brother came up with a suction pump with a suction hose reinforced with iron rings…Now the water would flow continuous, and the nozzle could be better aimed at the flames to deal with the fire hazard.” (Manceppo)

However, like convincing anyone in any century of something new and different, convincing people to use the hose was the problem.  So, van der Heijden used white papers, wrote a book, presented publications with print designs and poems, provided live demonstrations, and used consultants to sell the new product.

With his efforts using a variety of content to communicate his message his commercial success was unprecedented.  After the hose, he invented several other products and implemented his successful marketing technique with great success.

Why Content Marketing Matters

  1. Content Marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing.

  2. Content Marketing generates 3 times a s many leads as outbound marketing.

  3. Small Businesses that write a blog get 126% more leads than those without a blog.

  4. 61% of US consumers made a purchase after reading an online recommendation.

  5. Conversion rates are 6 times higher with Content Marketing than other methods.

Quality and Quantity Matter

Content Marketing is effective and persuasive.  However, it requires skill and consistency for it to work.  Having a dedicated employee or agency to manage Content Marketing is the best way to achieve results.

So, stop TELLING people why your products/services are the best and SHOW them real examples and information of why your products/services really are the best using Content Marketing.

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