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The Internet in 60 Seconds – 2021

Connection and internet activity is a significant part of our daily lives, and after the lockdown of 2020 the internet has become even more crucial to functioning in our daily lives.

According to Lori Lewis at AllAccess, a lot happens in 60 seconds on the internet this year.

So, exactly how much data is generated every minute?

In 60 seconds on the internet:

  1. 4 million people are scrolling through Facebook.

  2. 1 million Text Messages are sent.

  3. 200,000 people tweet on Twitter.

  4. 695,000 Stories are shared on Instagram.

  5. 500 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube.

  6. 9,132 Connections are made on LinkedIn.

  7. 28,000 subscribers are watching Netflix.

  8. 414,764 Apps are downloaded (IOS and Android.)

  9. $1,600,000 is spent online.

  10. 4 million Snaps are created on Snapchat.

  11. 6 million emails are sent.

  12. There are 2 million swipes on Tinder.

You will find more infographics at Statista

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