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5 Things You Need to Update with Your Marketing Strategy Right Now

5 Things You Need to Update in Marketing Strategy Right Now

The Coronavirus shutdown has changed just about everything in our world.  Whether your business has been shutdown temporarily, is still operating as an essential business or is soon opening during one of the phases in your state, it is important to continue to communicate with your customers.

With more people at home and online they are turning to Social Media for information, this includes your Social Media accounts.  It’s more important than ever to provide accurate information and consistent updates.

Do These 5 Things Now

1.    Update Bios and Information

These areas on all your social accounts are important to communicate your hours. Share if you are open or not, hours of operation, how you are protecting your customers and your staff, when you are opening if currently closed, if you provide curbside pick-up or delivery, etc.  Make sure people know what to expect and if and when they can buy your products/services again.

2.    Post with a Plan

While Social Media has taken a bit of a more serious and informative tone, it’s important to provide information that is useful to your audience.  You can still be lighthearted, funny, and sales directed, but be sure to share useful information that provides a benefit.

For example, if you are still open and providing essential services of some sort, be sure to share posts that explain what you are doing to keep customers safe.  Update information how your staff is staying safe and providing services safely, etc.

3.    Provide Content in Context

Social distancing, working from home, wearing masks is the norm now and has completely changed our reality.  Sharing images or videos of groups of people, crowded stores, classrooms of children, etc. is tone deaf to what is really happening out in the world.  Make sure your images and even your text conforms to this new way of life.

4.    Avoid Selling & Focus on Helping

In your face sales campaigns are not performing well at this time in our world.  While your overall goal is to generate sales, the true nature of Social Media has always been to establish relationships, build trust, and share information.  This is more important than ever.  As a brand providing assistance, information, and general resources for your audience that may or may not be related to your business is a great way to stay in front of people and establish your presence online.

5.    Reassess Your Goals

With unemployment skyrocketing and people earning less money than pre-COVID it’s important to understand that your sales may not be off the charts.  While you may think marketing can be scaled back or cut completely, think again.

Keep Going

Now is the time for your business to shine online.  Update your accounts consistently, become the leader in your area of all things online.  Get in front of your customers (and your competitors’ customers) and establish your dominance on the Social accounts.

When the world gets back to normal, and it will, your business will be the leader of the pack.

Using whatever budget you can, keep your digital marketing efforts going is crucial to your business’ future success.  Continue to communicate, inform, assist, educate, and inspire your audience.

If you stay there for them, they will be there for you!

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