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7 Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

Finding customers and gathering leads always has been and is still the hardest thing for most smaller businesses to achieve.  Gone are the days of marketing options like fliers, postcards, local radio, or newspaper ads.

However, reaching out to customers these days has never been easier or more affordable with digital media.  When done right, it works.

Here are 7 digital marketing tips small business owners can use to grow their customer base.

1.    Create Local Visibility

Google My Business is the standard for local online visibility.  Be sure to claim your business page and update the information so it is current.  Take advantage of the Google My Business website feature and be sure to post updates to the account.  Updates will keep the account active, which benefits your business in online searches.  Finally, answer and respond to all reviews left on Google My Business, be sure to address any negative feedback.

2.    Leverage Social Media

Social Media is a great way to reach a large audience and expand your online visibility.  Depending upon the demographics of your customer base, select the Social platforms that fit your audience.  Be sure to update your accounts daily (if not more than once a day!)  Take advantage of the advertising features on the platforms to reach new customers and keep your business in front of a large group of people daily.

3.    Optimize Your Website

If you haven’t updated your website in a while, it is time to do this.  Make sure your website contains all current information (especially with all the COVID regulations and safety precautions.)

Verify your website is mobile-friendly and make sure the load time for the pages is quick.  Don’t overload your site and slow it down.  Update the information on the site monthly, at minimum, to keep the site active.

4.    Update SEO Efforts

Updating your website frequently, ensuring the load time for pages is fast, making sure the website is mobile friendly will all help to optimize your website for Search Engines.  Additionally, using Social Media will also help generate Search Rank.

5.    Write a Blog

A blog is the best way to keep your website active with new content.  It is also a great way to get people interested in visiting your site and potentially learning more about what services or product you offer.

A blog doesn’t need to be the next award-winning news feature, it just needs to be well-written and contain information that people will find useful and interesting.

6.    Send Monthly Emails

If you are collecting emails from customers or potential customers and you aren’t sending a monthly newsletter or sales email, why are you collecting emails?  Emails are a great way to contact an interested audience to share any special offers, sales, or business updates.  This will also keep your business in front of people.

7.    Focus on Referrals

A great way to grow your customer base is by using your current customer base.  Leverage the goodwill from your happy customers.  Word-of-Mouth is no longer spoken, it’s Tweeted, Pinned, Posted and Updated.  Loyal customers will spread the word about your business for you.

Hire an Experienced Team to Do this For You!

The team at TWP Marketing has been helping businesses with traditional and digital marketing since 2003.  Let us help your business generate leads and grow your revenue stream with digital media.

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