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Effective HVAC Marketing Tips

Whether you are an HVAC company, plumber or another home services provider, there is a lot of competition to get in front of customers these days.  It’s important to keep your business in front of people and top-of-mind so when people need your services, they think of you first.

The key is to reach people before they need you, once they are searching Google for a service company it is too late for your business to stand out, even if you are running ads or focusing on nothing but optimization.

Here are 4 easy tips to implement into your digital marketing strategy for success.

1.    Daily Social Media Updates

Selecting the Social Media where your customers are most likely to be and posting updates daily is crucial.  Each Social Media platform caters to a specific demographic, selecting the right site is important for the success of your marketing strategy.  Once you determine the best site or sites to use you must then post interesting, engaging, and useful information one or more times per day (depending on the Social site).

2.    Promote Reviews & Testimonials

75% of consumers say customer reviews give businesses a competitive advantage.  People are using reviews to determine what to purchase and who to purchase from, so using your reviews as a marketing tool will help push your business out even further in front.  Only 7% of consumers are asked to leave a review.

3.    Invest in Social Media Advertising

Social Media advertising is a great way to get in front of consumers in a specific area and using specific targeted demographics to generate quality leads.  Advertising on Social Media is typically less costly than print or television advertising and reaches more people.

4.    Incentivize Your Customers

Don’t be afraid to ask your customers to share your information with their networks.  Providing a referral bonus is a great way to get customers to spread the word about your business and services.  In fact, 88% of consumers place the highest level of trust in recommendations from people they know.  Word-of-Mouth makes a difference.

Only 7% of consumers are asked to leave a review, don’t forget to ask your customers to leave a positive review for the services performed (see #2 above!)

Need Help?

Our team has been helping businesses in a variety of industries across the country manage their Digital Media Marketing and Advertising, we can help your business too.

We run your marketing campaigns so you can run your business.

Contact us to see how much money you can save outsourcing your marketing and advertising to us.

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