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Small Business Saturday Promotions for Your Business

November 30, 2019 is the 10th Annual Small Business Saturday, sponsored by American Express Open.   A shopping tradition that “brings together communities in support of their favorite small businesses.”

“The movement that supports small businesses every day and everywhere.”

When you shop at your favorite small store or grab a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop (instead of the big one on every corner) or hire a local company to fix your furnace you are supporting your local community and economy.

In 2018 US consumers spent an estimated $17.8 billion at independent retailers and restaurants, a record high.  96% of consumers shopping on Small Business Saturday said the day makes them want to Shop Small throughout the year, not just during the holidays.

Small Business Saturday Promotion Ideas

Make it an Event

Celebrate Small Business Saturday by throwing a party for your community.  Invite your employees, your customers, your friends and your family.

  1. Decorate your store.

  2. Partner with other small businesses by hiring a local musician, entertainer, magician, etc.

  3. Provide fun activities like face painting or games.

  4. Invite a local celebrity or politician to attend.

  5. Provide a free workshop related to your business.

  6. Host a food drive or toy drive to donate to local charity organization.

Offer a Special Discount or Sweepstakes

Give away a special coupon for customers valid the Thanksgiving weekend or sponsor a contest or raffle and give away a product or service.

  1. BOGO – buy one get one free

  2. Offer savings on products or services (a percentage off or dollar amount discount)

  3. Offer a free gift with purchase

  4. Provide free gift wrapping

  5. Sell raffle tickets and give away a prize while donating proceeds to local charity

  6. Collect entries (to use for future email blasts) and give away a prize

Small Business Saturday Publicity Suggestions

Use Current Customers

Your current customers are your biggest advocates, and most trusted resource.  Let your customers know via email, mail, or when they are in your location or you are out at theirs providing your services, that you are hosting a Small Business Saturday promotion.  Get them to spread the word to their network of friends, family and neighbors by providing an incentive like an entry into a raffle or a discount on their next purchase.

Use Social Media

Be sure to share your Small Business Saturday events on your Social Networks, use the hashtags recommended and used by American Express.

Create a Facebook Event with all the details of your event, include the details relevant to the event such as the location, times, schedule, special offers, etc.

Reach Out to Local Press and/or Chamber of Commerce

Local news stations and publications love to promote businesses on Small Business Saturday. Let them know about your events and promotions.  Many online publications have a calendar of events you can add your event to on your own.

Local Chambers also promote Small Business Saturday, reach out to your Chamber (if you are a member) and request information about including your event in their publicity.

Additionally, American Express provides online resources like signage, online banners, Social Updates, and more for you to access.  Best of all, the materials American Express provides are all free.

Don’t miss out on the excitement of Small Business Saturday!

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