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UPDATE: FOUR Reasons You Should Incorporate TikTok into your Marketing Strategy

UPDATE 06/17/20:

Tik Tok user @singkirbysing posted a video to her account on Tuesday, June 16 about the derogatory use of a former slave used on pancake mix boxes and syrup bottles. By 6:00 a.m. EST on June 17 Quaker Oats publicly announced they were discontinuing the usage of Aunt Jemima on its products.

Tik Tok does matter!

The Aunt Jemima brand of syrup and pancake mix will get a new name and image, Quaker Oats announced Wednesday, saying the company recognizes that “Aunt Jemima’s origins are based on a racial stereotype.” (NBC News)

ORIGINAL 1/22/20:

So, it’s 2020 and you finally figured out using Facebook to market is a great plan.  You may have even added Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.  But, as is standard in the world of Social Media there is a new platform to understand.  Enter TikTok.

What the Heck is TikTok?

TikTok is currently the fastest growing Social Media platform of the 2010’s.

TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance.  It is used to create short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos. (Wikipedia)  The minimum age for a user is 13 years old.  Users can sign up using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or an email account.

“Lip-syncing videos have proved a popular form of user-generated content among teens.” (

TikTok provides a search feature that allows users to view other videos and view content under trending hashtags.

TikTok Stats

  1. TikTok as 500 million active users globally.

  2. 65% of users are under the age of 30.

  3. 41% of users are between 16 and 24 years old.

  4. There were 33 million downloads in the first quarter of 2019.

  5. The average user spends around 52 minutes a day on the app.

  6. In 2019 it was the most downloaded app in the AppStore.

  7. 90% of TikTok users access the app multiple times per day.

  8. Over 1 million videos are viewed daily.

  9. In 18 months, the average adult user grew 5.5 times.

  10. The average engagement rate is 29%.

  11. TikTok users have spent over $23 million on TikTok’s virtual currency since 2018. (TikTok currency can be purchased as coins that can be used to send emojis to other users.)

TikTok Advertising

TikTok is already offering advertising placement.  Providing businesses “engaging and interactive formats for your brand story” and touts tapping into unique ways to connect with an audience.

TikTok drives advertising on competitor platforms.  Additionally, TikTok allows sponsoring hashtags, which allows users to brows products associated with the sponsored hashtag without leaving the platform.

3 Reasons You Should Incorporate TikTok in your Marketing Strategy

1.    Build a Community

Users consume most content through videos.  You should consider users as a part of a community that shares ideas, invokes interested of like-minded people and grow your following using   Creating an engaged, interested, and active audience of potential customers.

2.    It Doesn’t Feel Like Marketing

Generation Z does not like to be pestered with ads or the direct sell, so much so that 51% of them use ad blockers.  When targeting this generation traditional marketing techniques will not work.

TikTok is a less invasive technique that will grab the attention of a targeted audience.

3.    Establish User-Generated Content to Market

Millennials value authenticity and the opinions of their peers or influencers. They are fully aware of marketing tactics and will not fall for these traditional ploys.  They look to user-generated content for suggestions of what to purchase and what services to use.

TikTok is the biggest source of user-generated content and it is the shiny new object, which draws even more attention to the platform.

It’s Going to be Big

TikTok is on track to be one of the biggest Social Media sites in 2020.  Though it is new to the Social world, it could possibly dominate as the top Social Site in 2020.

Currently only 4% of Social Marketers in the US are using TikTok, now is the time to dominate the site!

Though your targeted consumer may not be using TikTok yet, it is important to note that as the popularity for this site grows, your consumers will eventually migrate over.  Will you be there?

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