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Use Digital Media to Boost Fixed Ops Sales

The service department, on average, makes up roughly 49% of a dealership’s gross profits.

Connecting with customers and expressing the value and convenience of having their automobiles serviced with your dealership can be tough.  People tend to think dealership service department are too expensive or are not comfortable calling for information.  Dealerships are typically known for new car purchases and not a lot of thought is given to the service department.  Worst of all dealerships are competing with local, stand-alone repair shops that focus only on reaching service customers.

While most dealerships are on top of it when it comes to communicating new car sales and specials.  Manufacturers provide the glitzy, top-of-the-line brochures, videos, images and advertising opportunities, fixed ops tend to take the backseat.  The average dealership writes over 17,000 repair orders each year and most dealership profits are funneled back into the ownership and loyalty cycle.

It’s time to consider a digital marketing campaign for Fixed Ops to reach a new audience of potential customers.

Social Media for Service

  1. 67% of customers say that Social Media ads influence their decision on service centers.

  2. 63% of service customers prefer using Social Media to research a dealership for service.

  3. 71% of consumers say Social Media influences their overall purchasing decision.

A well-managed and consistent Social Media marketing campaign is crucial to reaching an audience and converting to sales.

  1. Share helpful tips and relevant information to engage with the audience.

  2. Showcase your staff members and their expertise.

  3. Post information on the service center to familiarize customers with your services and location.

  4. Communicate to a built-in audience your sales and special offers.

Paid Social Media Ads

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. all offer paid advertising options.  A well-designed, properly targeted, and consistent campaign can help get the word out about your service center.

Ads that communicate your latest offers, specials, sales, discounts can help remind your current customers you are there to help and can also reach a new targeted market of potential customers.

Blog to Improve SEO

Many dealerships have access to manufacturer’s expert articles regarding the newest model or the highest ranked vehicle press release.

A fixed ops blog devoting to creating blog updates on your website can help improve your search rank and generate more traffic to your website.

Blogs not only help with SEO and website traffic, but they also showcase your expertise to your audience.

Give Fixed Ops the Attention it Deserves

It’s time to start thinking of your Fixed Ops as its own mini business within your business.  The impact of digital media on customer purchasing can’t be ignored.  Focusing on the right platforms and using your budget to generate the best bang for your buck is crucial to growing your service department sales.

Contact me for more information, a free consultation and to get started!


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