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3 Marketing Tips to Improve Business in 2021

2020, the year that will never be forgotten and was like no other year has ended.  Many businesses are assessing the damage done and re-strategizing the new year ahead.

2021 has the faint flicker of a return to normal.  However, 2020 has changed a lot of how things were done and has forced businesses to adjust to this new world.

If you want your business to succeed in 2021 and be around in 2022 it is time to make some changes.

1.    Relationship Marketing

75% of respondents don’t consider advertisements to be the truth. Thus, growing your Social following will be harder going forward if you just implement the same old tactics.

Businesses need to focus on their current customers to help build a new cache of customers.  70% of customers trust other customers more than ads.  Word-of-mouth and referrals are one of the most effective marketing tools.

It’s time to focus on building relationships with customers, encouraging user-generated content, responding to reviews, interacting, and encouraging interaction with followers.  Posting and update and moving on with your day will no longer suffice, you will need to pay extra attention to your Social accounts and review sites, answering questions, thanking customers for reviews, sharing reviews, etc.

2.    Explore New Platforms

For budget conscious businesses, focusing their efforts and funds on one Social Site was recommended.  Facebook is still the top network to focus marketing and advertising efforts. However, other sites are proving beneficial.  People want different types of content.  They are using Instagram, TikTok and Twitter more.

Integrating new Social Sites into your marketing strategy will be important going forward in 2021.  The new sites will expand your online visibility, increase your audience, and reach new people.

3.    Improve Online Accessibility

With the stay-at-home orders in early 2020 and the shift to conducting most everything online or by video conference, it’s time to improve your business’ online availability to provide more resources and information for consumers.

If you have always been a brick-and-mortar retail location, it’s time to consider shifting sales to also be conducted online.

If you have always sold online through your website, it’s time to consider the improvements in Social selling.  Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. are advancing their online ecommerce abilities.  Having your business present in this arena will help your exposure and sales even more.

Even if you don’t sell physical products, it’s necessary to advance your online information.  Provide specifics about your safety precautions, create an online virtual estimate process, etc.

Need Help?

Our team can help you conquer the challenges of marketing and get your business in front of an audience.  Contact us to get a free consultation and estimate and make 2021 great!

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