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2020 has been the strangest year and this July 4th may look and feel a bit different this year.

Most states are seeing an increase in coronavirus cases and most areas have cancelled community events, including fireworks shows.

However, 76% of consumers plan to celebrate Independence Day.  This is down from 86% in 2019.

Though the numbers are down from 2019, people are still planning to celebrate the nation’s birthday.

  1. 56% of consumers plan to have a cookout/BBQ/picnic.

  2. 24% of consumers plan to attend a community fireworks celebration.

  3. 6% of consumers plan to attend a parade.

  4. 9% of consumers plan to travel.

  5. 24% of consumers are not planning to celebrate at all.

Capitalize on the holiday to make your Social Media campaigns pop:

  1. Use patriotic images.

  2. Share fireworks schedules for your area (if you are a local business.)

  3. Share parade route and schedule for your area (if you are a local business.)

  4. Give away patriotic swag with your logo to all customers leading up to the 4thof July (magnet, frisbee, baseball, balloons, etc.)

  5. Share barbecue recipes and tips.

  6. Share tips for a terrific party.

Remember Social Marketing is not about your business, it is about how your business can help, inform or entertain your audience so they will want to follow you and work with you!


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