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5 Steps to Social Media Marketing Success

In 2021 it is expected that nearly 92% of businesses will be using Social Media for marketing purposes.  In 2013 86% used Social Media for marketing.

The typical Social Media user is using almost 9 Social Media platforms consistently and spend more than one-third of their time online using Social Media.

Marketing on the Social Media sites guarantees you will reach an audience, but it’s what you do and what you use to reach this audience that will convert them to customers.

Simply posting an image of a product or coupon for your services isn’t enough.

Create a Winning Strategy

1.    Outline Your Goals

What do you want to accomplish?  Identifying what you want to achieve with your Social Media Marketing strategy will help set the course for the rest of the steps.  Social marketing is more than selling.  Define your goals based on how you want your online reputation and branding to look to the world.

2.    Define Your Audience

Who are you trying to reach?  What are their interests?  How old is your target audience?

When you understand the demographics of the audience most likely to be interested in your business’ products/services you can determine which Social Media platforms will work best and what type of content and information you want to share.

3.    Create a Content Plan

Failure to post the right content is a main contributor to the lack of interest in your Social marketing efforts.  Posting only, or mostly, sales directed updates is the best way to turn off your audience.  People aren’t using Social Media to be sold to, they are using Social Media to learn, be inspired, get information and to be entertained.  Give them what they want.

A good rule to follow is the 80/20 rule.  80% of your updates should be to inform, educated, inspire, or entertain your audience and only 20% should be used to directly promote your products/services.

4.    Be Consistent

Businesses publishing more than 16 updates (posts, Tweets, Pins, blogs, etc.) a month generate 3.5 times more website traffic than those businesses publishing less than 4 updates.

If you are going to use Social Media to market your business and engage with your audience you need to stay in front of them, if you aren’t updating your Social accounts daily or weekly (depending on the platform) you are wasting your time.

5.    Measure Your Efforts

Monitoring your efforts will help determine if your strategy is on the right path.  Watch the engagement on your updates to see the content that works best with your audience on each platform.  Measuring your efforts will go a long way to keeping your campaign fresh and your strategy ahead of the curve.

Need Help?

The team at TWP Marketing has been helping businesses across the country with their Social Media Marketing and Advertising since 2009.  We can help you!  Contact us for your free consultation and achieve Social Success!

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