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7 Super Easy Ways to Improve SEO

1.    Update website to a WordPress Website

WordPress websites are not only easy to use, they rank higher on Search Engines.  WordPress provides a variety of tools and plugins to optimize site content.  Additionally, WordPress themes already optimized, so the site is optimized even before you build it.

Responsive themes within WordPress websites are automatically optimized for mobile, which counts towards Google Search Rank.  Google ranks websites that are automatically (responsive) mobile friendly higher.

Responsive themes also increase website speed, which also counts toward Google Search Rank.

2.    Content is King

While keyword stuffing is no longer a recommended option to improve SEO, keywords do still matter.  The writing on the website is important for search rank.  Make sure you are using the appropriate keywords and phrases, in addition to ensuring the site is well-written.  To rank on voice searches, keep sentences short and use relevant keywords and phrases.

Quality content created for your specific audience will help to increase web traffic, which will improve site authority and Search Rank.

It is also important to update the content regularly.  A good rule of thumb is to audit your site quarterly and make updates as needed.

3.    Update Metadata, links, and URLs

Title metadata is used to display as the headline in Search Engine results.  Include title, description, and keyword metadata.  (There are also plug-ins within WordPress that can be used to improve data within the site.)

Include keyword-rich links within the site, “Click Here” has no Search Engine value beyond the URL link, using “Click for Free In-Home Estimate” or “Click for Information on our Pink Face Blush”.

When creating links for pages within your website ensure you include specific information that will help people efind your business, i.e. or

4.    SSL Security

The “S” at the end of the “http” (https://www) means the site is secured, HTTPS means Hypertext Transport Protocol Security.  It means that the site is connected through authentication and encryption and it is the protocol to allow a secure connection from the web server to the browser.

Having a secured site won’t make or break your Search Rank, however Google did announced in 2015 that it’s algorithm would give preference to the secure site over the unsecured site in a Search Rank tie.

Additionally, 84% of users will abandon a purchase if the data is sent over an unsecured connection, which could impact your sales.

5.    Branding and Visibility

Use Social Media, Google My Business, and Email Marketing to increase your visibility to increase Search Rank.

Frequent updates to all Social Sites keep your business visible.  Links to your site through specific pages or blog updates posted on Social or in Email should interest people enough to encourage a click through to the website, which increases website traffic, which improves site authority, which then results in increased Search Rank.

Social Media & Google Ads with links directly to the website will also direct people to website, increase website traffic, improving site authority, and resulting in increased Search Rank.

6.    Blogs

Blogging is one of the best ways to improve site authority and Search Rank.  Blog links posted to Social or Email give the audience a reason to go to your website, improving traffic, which helps to improve Search Rank.

Blogs also provide fresh content for website on a frequent schedule, using keywords and key phrases, which helps with providing new content for Google Search to crawl, which helps to improve Search Rank.

7.    Video Content

Videos are a great way to generate interest in your business.  Consumers are searching for videos.  Additionally, providing video throughout the website and sharing the links via Social/Email will help to increase traffic to the site.

  1. Video is projected to make up 80%of total web traffic this year (Cisco).

  2. 74% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a demo video about the product (Cisco).

  3. Almost 50% of Internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store. (HubSpot)

Get Started and Don’t Stop!

These seven tips should be baked into your marketing strategy already, with just a bit of a boost you can work to improve your Search Rank and optimize your business so it is fou

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