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The 4 Mistakes You are Making with Social Marketing

Back in 2009 we put our first client on Facebook.  We were handling the online advertising for a home inspection company and heard about Facebook Business Pages and put him up, free of charge, to see what would happen.

These were the early days of Social Media Marketing, the beginning.  After a couple months our client saw the value of using Facebook to post information.  At the time it was not so much business related as fun and informative updates and memes.

Not long after this we were hired by a national insurance company to market all their northern Illinois agents.  Even with the interest the updates generated, and the representation online, the agents did not understand the value of this new realm of marketing.

Over the past 10 years we have heard every complaint about Social Marketing.  However, the truth can no longer be ignored – IT WORKS!  Though it only works when you do it right.

If you are having trouble seeing the value or generating a return on your Social Marketing efforts here are 4 things you may be doing wrong.

1.    You are using the wrong Social Network(s).

It is crucial to know your audience, who your consumers are and understanding how to reach them and communicate with them.  Each of the Social platforms reaches a wide swath of people, however there are some specific demographics attributed to each network.

You need to identify your consumers and select the Social Network(s) that they are using.

2.    You are not consistent.

Social Media is all about the algorithms.  In order to fully leverage these algorithms and reach your audience it is important to maintain consistency.

Regular, daily updates are key. As is answering all questions and responding to comments on the accounts.  This requires monitoring the accounts daily for reviews, questions, comments, etc.

The key to Social Media is maximizing your visibility, communicating a strong message, and being there when your audience needs to find you.  Additionally, abandoned, inactive accounts reflect poorly on your business.

3.    You aren’t giving it a chance.

The sales funnel for Social Media is longer than the direct sell.  Marketing is all about nurturing a relationship, building trust, and growing loyalty.  While one update likely won’t make a sale, a string of updates, comment responses, and showing your business is interested in engaging with its consumers will help generate sales.

4.    You still won’t hire a professional.

You have a business to run, adding Social Marketing to the mix is adding another full-time job.  Social Marketers know Social, it’s time to consider hiring someone to manage this full-time process for your business so it can achieve results.

Marketing and advertising are crucial to your business’ growth and success, it’s time to hire someone to help you achieve your business goals.

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