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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Focus on in 2021

No matter what your business does, where it is located, or who you are selling to, you need a solid marketing strategy and a plan if you want to stay competitive.

Here are the top 5 digital marketing trends to help your business stand out and get ahead of the competition.

1.    Use Social Media

It’s time to use Social Media or to improve your Social Media game.  Billions of people are using Social platforms daily.  Using Social Media for your business will improve your brand awareness and recognition, increase your search rank, and provide SEO, reach customers where they spend the most time, and speak directly to customers and potential customers.

2.    Film It

Videos are no longer an option in 2021, they are a necessity.  Including video in your marketing strategy will help your business sell products and services better than text or just images.

Videos are a terrific way to reach people the way they want to be reached (54% of consumers prefer videos over any other content.)

3.    Focus on User Experience

User experience is an important part of an overall marketing plan.  User experience includes every aspect of the customer’s interaction with your business, from awareness to the sale.  It is important that every step is user friendly on every platform used.

In terms of your website, search engines can detect if your website is user-friendly, using a combination of page load time, content, and engagement.

4.    Send Personalized Emails

Email is not obsolete, in fact personalized emails get results.  Studies show that emails that are personalized are opened more often and have a higher click-through rate than standard emails.

Personalize your emails and create a targeted experience for each customer.

5.    Improve Optimization

Customers aren’t using the yellow pages or community boards to find businesses anymore.  It is important to make sure all aspects of your online branding are optimized, from your website to Social Media platforms, it will make it easier for the search engines to find your business and show it to potential customers.

However, optimization efforts should not just include online search engines, it is important to add optimization for voice recognition as well. More people are using voice search, Alexa, Siri, etc., to find local businesses.

Need Help?

The team at TWP Marketing has been helping businesses of all sizes, in a variety of industries across the country with their Digital Media Marketing efforts since 2009, we know what to do to get the best results for your business.  Contact us for a free consultation today and achieve Marketing success this year!

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