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5 Tips to Trick Out Your Facebook Business Page

Facebook is the biggest social platform; business pages are terrific marketing tools.  Facebook Business Pages are free, increase awareness of your business, establish an online presence, and allow over 2 billion people to discover your business and what you do or sell.

Business pages have been around for a decade.  If you have had your Page for a while it may need to be cleaned up a bit, it may be time to redesign, re-word, and renovate your Business Page profile.

Here are 5 tips to totally “trick out” your Page:

1.    Fine-Tune the Call-to-Action

The call-to-action (CTA) button is at the top right of the page, make sure it sends visitors in the right direction.  Communicate the action you want people to take, “Sign-Up” for a newsletter or coupon, “Send Message” to contact you directly, “Book Now” to schedule appointments, “Shop Now” to send visitors to your storefront.  Pick the right CTA and make sure you set up the correct links.

2.    Customize the Template

Facebook provides settings that allow you to select a recommended template based on your business type.  Templates include Services, Movies, Shopping, Business, Venues, Nonprofit, Politicians, Restaurants & Cafes, Video Page, and Standard.

Each template is arranged to provide the best set-up for each business type.

3.    Tailor the Tabs

Once the correct template is selected a set of Tabs are provided.  Tabs are found on the left-hand side of the Business Page and direct people to learn more about your business or grab a deal.  Make sure the correct tabs are “on” and the tabs not in use are “off”.  Making sure that you have content in the tabs that are on is also recommended!

Tabs can then be arranged in order of importance.  Tabs provide a great way to quickly share information.

4.    Get Verified

Gray verification badges are available to local or smaller businesses and organizations.  This gray badge is a checkmark next to the business name.  Per Facebook, “a gray verification badge confirms that this is an authentic Page for this business or organization. Learn more about the gray verification badge.”  It gives your business some street “cred” on Facebook.

5.    Use a Video for the Cover Photo

A video can be uploaded as the cover and provides a great space to communicate a message people will see immediately.  Create a short video that details your products, services, hours, sales, testimonials, etc.  Whatever you want people to know about your business, the cover video provides great real estate to express the message.

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