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Effectively Marketing and Advertising on Facebook

Two-Thirds of Facebook users surveyed report that they visit a local Business Page on the site at least once a week.

A Facebook Business Page allows more than 2 billion people using Facebook to discover your business.  Your Business Page is basically a “digital storefront” and helps you reach a new audience of potential customers and expand your digital footprint.

There are roughly 90 million Business Pages for small businesses, if you aren’t using Facebook to market your business, in addition to advertising your business, your competition probably is, and they are reaching YOUR audience more than you are.

Set It and Don’t Forget It

  1. Simply creating a Business Page and posting every so often is not enough to make it work for your business’ benefit.

  2. To keep customers, and potential customers, interested and engaged with your business it is crucial to post updates often.

  3. Posting 1 to 2 times per day, every day, helps keep your business top-of-mind with people interested in your products/services.

Keep Your Page Active

Activity matters, posting consistently and posting quality content makes a difference in the success of your business on Facebook.  Studies have shown that consumers trust business with a Business Page that has consistent activity (updates) and quality content more than businesses with no Facebook Business Page or an inactive Business Page.

People Use Facebook to Research Products/Services

  1. Facebook clicks on searches for local business increased 23%from February to May 2020

  2. 78% of American consumers say they’ve discovered products on Facebook.

  3. 75% of consumersthink businesses should continue to inform them of what they are doing during the COVID pandemic.

Ads Alone are Not Enough

While advertising on Facebook is a great way to reach consumers, if you aren’t implementing a strong daily marketing campaign on your Facebook Business Page you are missing out on an even larger audience.

One example is a local client we work, we manage their Facebook advertising and marketing each month.  Both efforts combined reach several hundred thousand people each month.  In fact, their quarterly analytics are typically over a million views of their ads and daily updates.

Expand Your Reach

A marketing and advertising campaign on Facebook is the best way to ensure your budget is being spent wisely and effectively.

The Facebook Page audience is as important as the targeted audience reached with ads.  These people are the people most interested in what you are providing, not engaging with them is leaving a large piece of strategy behind.

Need Help?

We have been helping businesses with Facebook marketing and advertising for over 10 years and we can help you!  Contact us for your free consultation and let our team take your efforts to the next level.

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