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New Facebook Features Aimed to Improve Messenger for Business

Facebook announced a few new tools and platform updates for the Messenger app last week.  The new features are “designed to improve the user experience for people, and create more opportunities to drive business outcomes on messenger.”

Business/Developer Updates

·         Lead Generation

A new lead generation template will be rolled out that will enable businesses to create automated experiences geared toward generated qualified leads in Messenger.  This new feature should allow businesses to continue the conversation with sales prospects directly in the Messenger app, as well as integrate with existing CRM tools in order to “seamlessly track leads.”

·         Appointment Booking

Still in beta stage, the new real-time appointment booking feature in Messenger enables businesses to integrate existing calendar booking software to generate booking through Messenger.  Businesses can convert Messenger conversations into in-store traffic, online appointments, phone calls, and more.  This feature will roll out to everyone later in the year, but if you want to get onto the beta waitlist, click here.

·         Event Reporting

Rolling out later this year, this updated feature will allow businesses to easily use the Messenger Platform to report and track those conversions that take place in the messenger app.

Updated Policies

·         Revised Standard Messaging Window

The Standard Messaging window will be updated to 24 hours.  People expect businesses to respond to their messages quickly, and businesses attain better results when they respond quickly.  Beyond the 24-hour window, the ability to utilize message tags and sponsored messages to respond can be used.  After the initial contact and conversation, beyond the 24-hour window, businesses will be able to send messages indicating a sale, an order confirmation, and more.  See a few samples here.

·         Streamlined Message Tags

Message Tags enable businesses to send personalized, one-to-one messages to people outside of the standard messaging window, options will include post-purchase updates, event reminders, account updates, and human agent (coming soon.)

·         Sponsored Messages

Businesses are now able to send messages to people outside of the standard messaging window.  Businesses can use Sponsored Messages to communicate promotional content that is targeted to people who currently have an open chat with the business.  Sponsored Messages are great to “nurture customer engagement and drive sales.”

·         Subscription Messaging

This feature will now be limited to vetted news organizations.  Businesses using this feature previously were not always in line with our policy, which resulted in less effective conversations between businesses and people.

Discovering Businesses on Messenger

The Discover tab on Messenger will be phased out over the next several months.  It will become more seamless for people to reach out to businesses through Messenger in the places where they have already connected with the business.  There will be more “investment into tools to connect people and businesses.”  Updates to links, web plug-ins and various entry points across the Facebook family of apps.  Additionally, ad products that lead to messenger will be updated.

Fantastic Features Update

Making it even easier for businesses to communicate with people in the effort to attract, engage, and convert!

To see samples and learn more click here.

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