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Facebook Lead Ads and 3 Ways to Use Them

Facebook Lead Ads are paid ads that allow businesses (organizations, etc.) to collect sign-ups for newsletters, price estimates, business information, contact information.  Lead Ads are a great way to find customers and share relevant information with this audience in the future.

Lead Ads are run using ad creation and displays a contact form, or “instant form” natively on both Facebook and Instagram.

Lead Ad Objectives

Lead Ads can help businesses meet their goals by:

  1. Finding new customers

  2. Learning more about people’s interests

  3. Acquiring sign-ups for newsletter or services

  4. Registering people for services

  5. Enrolling people in your programs

  6. Getting people to download a brochure, white paper, or manual

Lead Ad Benefits

  1. Contact forms included in the ad, prompting people to complete an instant form to send you contact information.

  2. Form questions can be customized.

  3. Leads can be directly downloaded from Facebook or into a CRM i.e. Mailchimp or Salesforce.

  4. Connecting a CRM provides several other integrations to help with your leads.

3 Ways to Use Lead Ads

1.    Manage Inquiries

Ask the audience about their preferences and interests and then follow up with what they are seeking.  Lead ads can be sued to drive sales and requests for products.

  1. Common form fields include name, email, phone number, zip code.

  2. Question ideas can include “which product are you interested in? or how often do you…?”

  3. Provide a call-to-action including Sign-Up, Learn More, Get Quote.

2.    Share Information or Start a Conversation

Lead ads allow your business to share more about your products and services, as well as offer a discount or promotion.  Prompting people to take the next step in their purchasing decision.

  1. Increase sign-ups by offering discounts and clearly explaining your offer.

  2. Make your ads stand out by experimenting with different visuals, using carousel ads, or video.

  3. Provide a thank you screen option upon completion of the form that links to your website and a “call business” button.

3.    Grow Email Database

Use Lead Ads to get more subscribers for your newsletter or email list.  Let people know about new products or services, promotions, etc.

  1. Download leads from your CRM or from Page or Ads Manager.

  2. Provide helpful sections in your ad, such as an introduction and a privacy policy.

  3. Customize the form with your own questions, optimize for volume, and set up conditional questions.

Suggestions to Get Started with Lead Ads

Connect people with your business by using lead ads for:

  1. Event registrations

  2. Coupon/Discount/Special offer download

  3. Downloads, such as a brochure, white paper, or a manual

  4. Provide price quotes

  5. Webinar sign-ups

  6. Schedule consultations

  7. Provide demos of products

  8. Learn more about Lead Ads on Facebook.

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